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Welcome to website of the first and oldest polish center for working with healing plants- we have operated continuously since 2012.

What can you expect from our workshops?

Trust yourself

You’ll learn how to respect your own pain, trauma and the past itself; and how to create a space in which you can learn how to trust in yourself and in nature

Simple living

You’ll experience simple living while being yourself and developing a deep relationship with your surroundings

Your Heart

You’ll learn the rhythm of your heart; the dance between unity and loneliness


•You’ll discover and re-create your boundaries

    "I invite to our humble abode to take part in a magical journey with these holy plants! We create a sacred and safe space, where you’ll get to work with some amazing teachers in a deep and very effective way.".

    - Badirama

    Workshops 2015


    Plant decoctions

    Ayahuasca opens us up to the world of plants. It teaches us which specific herb heals particular…


    Kambô (1 day)

    Kambo – a vaccine used for thousands of years in the Amazon region – is a secretion of South…



    Rapé is legal sacred shamanic snuff medicine, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. Also, it’s…

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