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The Czech Republic has always been a country of religious change and revolution. Currently more than 60% of the population declares to be atheist, thus it is one of the most religiously “neutral” countries in the world, and that is precisely why our…

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Ayahuasca originally meant creeper of the dead. Indigenous Indians used it in order to connect with the wisdom of their ancestry. Today, this ancient tradition comes out of its hiding in the jungles of the Amazon to spread all over the world. In this…

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We put a lot of effort into living ecologically and in harmony with nature. We try to minimalize our negative impact on the environment around us by: • Composting all of our organic waste • Recycling • Proper disposal of all electronic devices •…

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( C ) 2015 site is informative only and expresses the private views of the author . Organizer of shamanic demonstrations in the Czech Republic weights no way associated with This page . Some of the described plants can be illegal.

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