Workshops 2015


Plant decoctions

Ayahuasca opens us up to the world of plants. It teaches us which specific herb heals particular diseases of body and soul. After the ceremony we are much more sensitive both on a spiritual and physical level – all that we take in works on us much stronger, deeper and with greater intensity. That is…

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Kambô (1 day)

Kambo – a vaccine used for thousands of years in the Amazon region – is a secretion of South American frogs living in some areas of the Amazon forests which belong to the genus Phyllomedusa Bicolor. This skin secretion is their defense mechanism. It is a white, jelly-like substance, which is applied…

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Rapé is legal sacred shamanic snuff medicine, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. Also, it’s known to be casually referred to as ‘hape’, ‘hapi’ or ‘rapay” by some Western people. They are very rare, sacred, powerful, precious, profoundly healing and cleansing miracle medicines. They are made…

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