Kambô (1 day)

Kambo – a vaccine used for thousands of years in the Amazon region – is a secretion of South American frogs living in some areas of the Amazon forests which belong to the genus Phyllomedusa Bicolor. This skin secretion is their defense mechanism. It is a white, jelly-like substance, which is applied directly to previously slightly burned skin with a very hot, slim stick. It goes into effect almost immediately and lasts for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Typical effects of Kambo are: increased heart beat (even up to 250 beats per minute), increased sweatiness, swelling of ears, lips, head and tongue which obstructs swallowing and may cause a feeling of an inability to breath. During the treatment some might feel nausea and happen to vomit. In addition there is a possibility of experiencing different intensity of pain sensations, vision disturbance and dizziness. There is a chance that the lower part of digestive system might react and one might experience short-term diarrhea.

All of the motor functions are regained gradually; in about 3 to 4 hours after taking Kombo all feelings return to normal. Sometimes right after the treatment one might experience greater psychomotor coordination and sharpened senses.

Kambo is a very powerful substance cleansing the blood and liver, strengthening the immune system and acting at the DNA level, reorganizing the entire genetic code in order to increase the efficiency of the body.

Kambo based therapy helps in the early stages of AIDS, aids in healing cancers, arthritis, depression and even Parkinson’s disease.

The whole of this substance is composed of peptides and alkaloids, including dermorphin a strong opioid that has diastolic and analgesic effect. After application some notice increase in endurance, regulation of appetite and decreased need for sleep

Some call this medicine a panacea good for all known physical illness as well as energetic imbalance.

The ritual of Kambo vaccination takes place in small groups (max. of 5 people) or on an individual basis this includes couples. It is previously scheduled or arranged right at the end of workshops, which at our place usually happens on Sunday.

In order to gain maximum immunity it is necessary to take doses of vaccine in intervals of maximum 4 weeks.

We moderately fast as a preparation for Kambo application and on the day of vaccination it is best to abstain from solid food and only drink a large quantity of non-carbonated water.

Right before application it is necessary to quickly drink 1,5 to 2 liters of water, as it will help cleanse the whole system.




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